I was lying under the Jacaranda tree in the backyard. Thinking about all sorts of things. Not about school though, or Miss Richards who was always rousing on me for not getting my three times tables right. No. The thing I was thinking now, was about when I was waiting for my baby sister to arrive.

It was nearly dinnertime, and me and Mummy were sitting on the back doorsteps. We were singing nursery rhymes and changing the words so that the rhymes didn’t make sense; and laughing. I rested my head on mummy’s tummy just in case my sister wanted to talk to me.

All of a sudden Mummy howled. It sounded just like the cat did when Mr Rogers ran over it with his car. She grabbed my arm and her tummy rolled around like my slinky going down stairs. I had to move my head off her lap. I was scared, and Mummy was grabbing me so hard I could feel her fingernails digging into my skin. She howled again, and I started to cry. I thought she would never stop, but she finally did, and she just put her arms around me and hugged me tight.

‘Wow, that was a somersault and a half’. I could tell it was still hurting because she kept her mouth closed when she talked and only her lips moved. But now she cuddled me and rubbed the arm that she had scratched. Now that everything was alright was the best part of that memory.

I didn’t get to see my baby sister. I never got to play with her, or show her my stuff, or make up stories with her, and I never really felt like everything was alright again. No one would tell me about what happened. Where had she gone? Why didn’t she come home with Mummy from the hospital? Did I frighten her and send her away? 

Maybe she just didn’t like me, or didn’t even want to be here with me so went somewhere else? 

Well, if I ever bumped into her, I would not like her either and I sure wouldn’t want to be anywhere near her.