About the Author

Dr Kathryn Geldard lives in Australia spending time writing between her home close to the city and her mountain retreat. Inspired by the words of Aldous Huxley she says this about herself.

For a long time, I had thought that I ought to open myself up and become what in fact I have always been from the beginning. For too long I have held some ideal image of myself, and over the years have magnified it and, even though it fell short of my fantasy, proceeded to idolise it anyway. I now come to realise that worshipping a fragment, as if it were the whole generally results in disaster and explains my experience of life which was as if I had been walking on a tightrope. If I didn’t fall one way I fell the other, and each had been equally treacherous. But I somehow kept going on this knife-edge being aware of the dangers and doing my best to keep out of them.

There is a universal law, the harder we try the worse we do the thing. The harder I tried to walk the tight rope the worse it became. Pen poised I begin again. But even as I begin, I fear something, will try to stop me.